Links for this week

Star Wars Tapestry.  Yes, I want the pattern. Sweet Child Of Mine Cover By Postmodern Jukebox Wall Hangers Made With Bike Parts That Look Like […] Read More


Continuing my theme of creating things from a fandom I’m not officially part of, I present a knit Dalek I made for a friend.  The […] Read More

Striking A Balance

My biggest ambition when I was in elementary school gym class was to walk the balance beam. The balance beam in question was part of […] Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

Have some Valentine’s-Day-free links. I want this dragon backpack.  And yes, I am figuring out how to knit one. I’ll be thinking of this every […] Read More

Links That Caught My Eye

The Black Knight Plush Toy Writing Process in Pictures A Word About Fandom Darth Vader celebrates Chinese New Year Eighteen Bookstores Every Book Love Must […] Read More

Alien Illusion Scarf

The Alien Illusion Scarf was the pattern that got me knitting.  This wasn’t the first project I completed, but it was the one that fired […] Read More